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I’m Back Baby!!!!

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That time out was much-needed. I feel so energized and ready to get back to business. Let’s kick some a$$ this week!


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Dalai Lama. This is the truth!

Inspirational #quotes

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You can inspire others with your awesome - just as it is. Mz. Manerz

Believe in this. One single reason is worth fighting for. If you look for reasons it will fail, you will always find some. The key is seeing the reasons it can, and believing that it will.

Your mission for today..

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It’s Definitely Monday


But never fear….we can look Monday in the face and overcome. Yes my friends we will succeed. This a new week, a new chance to change what you don’t like in your life, a new beginning. Let’s make it count.

Workout Motivation fitnessWords to live by

Motivational Fitness Pictures Round Three | SocialCafe Magazine It ALL Depends on whether you except the fear or buckle down to the determination.

I will have arms like that someday!




So I ask you….

Motivational Monday -- Guest Post by Jason Vandenberg www.Motivational-Monday.com


Motivational Monday -- Guest Post by @Shauna Lynn  www.Motivational-Monday.com

Six-Week Goals

Lately, I’ve gotten hooked on Jillian Michaels and in particular her Losin It television shows.

I love the motivation, the change emotionally and physically, the advice….pretty much everything in these shows. But one thing that stands out the most is how she can push these families to make HUGE changes in just six weeks.  When they say “I’m trying” she says that is setting yourself up for failure…don’t try, just do.

It's never a question of can you, but will you?

I can only speak for myself, but I know that I often underestimate what I can accomplish. I am the perpetual ‘planner’ with no follow through…..wow that really sucks admitting it.

I didn't make it to the gym today. That makes 5 years in a row.

So this is how I am going to change it. I am going to set some goals that I want to achieve in six weeks. After the six weeks, I will follow-up with you guys.

Here are my six-week goals

  • Create and stick to an exercise schedule
  • Develop a family budget
  • Get organized
  • Take my blog to the next level

I know that achieving my six-week goals won’t be a finish line, but more like a the beginning of a new me. There are so many more goals I want to add but this will do for the first six weeks. 

The past does not define you, the present does.

I’ll take you guys along on my journey and am now throwing this out to you. Do you have six-week goals you want to set and share?

You are stronger than you think!

To kick this journey off…..

For every like this gets I will do one pushup

And so you know I actually did them, I will vlog it and post it to my blog. 😀

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