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Kid Stuff: First Day Of School Ideas

My little man is starting kindergarten this year (I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!). My mind is currently pre-occupied with all the little ways I can make this day so special and memorable for my little man. These ideas are so cute I just had to share with all of you.

Countdown until the first day:

I stole this idea and changed it to a countdown to the first day of Kindergarten.  Will work on number identification/counting backwards skills, too.  We've already popped our first balloon!

Documenting this milestone moment:

first-day-of-school-photo-idea. do this every year for scrapbook (or do it on their bday).

First day of Kindergarten idea. Used an old mirror and taped black paper over it. Then used a silver sharpie for the letters. I think It came out so cute!

First day of Kindergarten picture ideas. Love the school bus one! @meredithbridgewater

Brain foods for your little one, healthy and fun:

First day of kindergarten lunch

First Day of 1st Grade!

What are you doing to make these milestone moments stand out?

Cha Cha Changes

We definitely have some changes in the works but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. I will however give you a sneak peak.

Eddie Bauer Colors by Valspar 8 oz Cabin Red Interior Satin Paint Sample

Anyone want to take any guesses as to what kind of cha cha changes are in the mix? And it isn’t as simple as painting a wall….althought that is how it started out.

In the meantime, let’s pinterest shall we? I am back on the DIY kick and am looking for cute ways to make my home feel…well homier without spending a boat load of money. 

This is a great little chart to print off, frame and hang in the kitchen.

Think I'll print & frame this in the kitchen!  Printable Kitchen Conversion charts! or order a poster on high quality paper via @ChasingDelicious

Love , love, LOVE this. The colour, the look, everything about this!

old dresser turned entertainment stand - love it!

Wouldn’t this look so cute on a dining room table or in the kitchen plus….now I have a reason to drink more wine.

wine cork candles

I’ve been talking about painting my door for quite some time….yellow is pretty.

yellow front door

This is a cute idea for all those pictures that you want to display but don’t have any frames for.

This is what i'll be doing with my shutter things. But i'm just going to leave it the way it came :)

Well, that is the end of my musings for now. Stay tuned for more DIY fun and some Friday giggles.

DIY Couch

Do you guys think it is possible to DIY a couch that is actually cozy and cute enough to have in your living room? As I perused Pinterest I found a lot of pallet couches that have potential.

I keep seeing these and so many of them look 'corny' to me....this one with the two body pillows in the back is making me think...    Our DIY couch!

DIY couch. I'm loving the wheels! Cleaning under the couch will be 10 times easier!!

Couch that can instantly turn into a bed? The perfect addition to a studio apartment!

Diy couch

On this one you could maybe run an upholstered board along the bottom so it doesn’t look so “pallety”.

DIY Couch...feeling this for the basement

So what do you think? Build or buy?

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