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Cabin Red

Here is a little insight into how Jason and I work.

One Sunday morning, as Jay and I sipped on our coffee we both came to the conclusion that our living room had “no flow” and it was driving us nuts. Remember, our home that was built in 1890ish was a single family home converted into three apartments, converted into two apartments and now back to a single family home.  Yeah, that could make the flow from one room to the next just a little awkward.

The picture below shows just how many doors we had leading into this one room that is in the center of the house. There is one for the basement, office, game room, and bathroom (which you can’t see in the picture below).


On the opposite wall you have a doorway into the dining room  which looks out of place.

So what do you do? Grab your tools and get to work. Note: things are about to get really messy!


After much deliberation, we decided to open up the room more and that meant widening the doorways that were already there. This was easier said than done due to the stacked plank walls that were poplular way back when.  It also meant moving a light switch further down the wall. This is where it is super handy to have someone (i.e. Jason) who knows a little something about electrical wiring.

Next came the dining room area. This is where we were torn on what to do: widen the doorway, center it? There were so many possibilities, all of which would be an improvement. We decided to move, widen, and center the opening on the wall. Our thought process being that this would look better with the dining room table centered in the room and again open up the “flow” of the house. With fingers crossed, Jay got to work started tearing down drywall.

Next came the taping and joint compound. Wow…things are starting to come together. 🙂

Now what colour to paint the room?  Ahh decisions, decisions. After much deliberation, we chose to go with Cabin Red from Valspar.  It looked like a pretty colour that wasn’t too dark and a nice change from the antique white walls that were painted over 5 years ago.

Eddie Bauer Colors by Valspar 8 oz Cabin Red Interior Satin Paint Sample

They say you should always test a swatch on the wall before you piant.  Did we?….Nope, per our usual way of doing things, we dove right in and got to work.  And now for the unveiling……








WOW! That is one red room. As you can tell, the colour didn’t look anything like the colour sample above. I guess this is where the swatch would have come in handy.  As the saying goes, live and learn. 


Red is defintiely a commitement but we actually really like it. The red is rich and warm.  These pictures don’t do it much justice since I took them in the morning with no natural light.


 Now comes the fun part: DECORATING!!! We have a ton of pictures to put back up on the walls to break the red up a little.  More DIY to come so stay tuned. Oh and by the way….


Stay tuned for some Hump Day humor!


DIY Couch

Do you guys think it is possible to DIY a couch that is actually cozy and cute enough to have in your living room? As I perused Pinterest I found a lot of pallet couches that have potential.

I keep seeing these and so many of them look 'corny' to me....this one with the two body pillows in the back is making me think...    Our DIY couch!

DIY couch. I'm loving the wheels! Cleaning under the couch will be 10 times easier!!

Couch that can instantly turn into a bed? The perfect addition to a studio apartment!

Diy couch

On this one you could maybe run an upholstered board along the bottom so it doesn’t look so “pallety”.

DIY Couch...feeling this for the basement

So what do you think? Build or buy?

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