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What’s Your Passion?

Everyone has one, or two, or three, or more things in their life that they just adore doing. It goes beyond just a past time, it is that passion that defines you. That love that captures your heart regardless of how old you get.

I have so many but the one passion that has stood the test of time for me is photography. I love taking pictures of people when they least expect it.  The candid photos that capture the very essence of that moment.  And of course, my favorite shots are those of my family.  Here are some of my favorites:




I also like to get a little artsy now and then….;-)

For every “perfect” picture that I take, I have about 30 that don’t turn out the way I wanted them to. Yet, every time I run out the door, I make sure I have my camera in tow because you just never know if today may be the day you get that perfect picture. 

Now it’s your turn. What is your passion?

Kid Stuff: First Day Of School Ideas

My little man is starting kindergarten this year (I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!). My mind is currently pre-occupied with all the little ways I can make this day so special and memorable for my little man. These ideas are so cute I just had to share with all of you.

Countdown until the first day:

I stole this idea and changed it to a countdown to the first day of Kindergarten.  Will work on number identification/counting backwards skills, too.  We've already popped our first balloon!

Documenting this milestone moment:

first-day-of-school-photo-idea. do this every year for scrapbook (or do it on their bday).

First day of Kindergarten idea. Used an old mirror and taped black paper over it. Then used a silver sharpie for the letters. I think It came out so cute!

First day of Kindergarten picture ideas. Love the school bus one! @meredithbridgewater

Brain foods for your little one, healthy and fun:

First day of kindergarten lunch

First Day of 1st Grade!

What are you doing to make these milestone moments stand out?

Canada Day 2013 (FINALLY!)

Okay, so I finally got my act together and managed to re-write this post.  I am going to keep the babble to a minimum and just let you enjoy some of the weekend pictures.

We kicked things off with the traditional family BBQ. Little man decided to serenade my sister with his version of the Hot Dog song (basically he just kept singing ‘HOT DOOOOG’ in various voices. LOL!).



As you can see, I then took a stab at being a nature photographer….my mom has such a green thumb that these plants were so pretty I just had to take a picture or two…or four.

We pretty much inhaled dinner so I didn’t get to take any pictures of that but I did snag some of a very special moment that happened afterward. 


Yup, I am engaged! 

LOL – okay, my little sister is engaged. I just can’t believe it.  We got the entire thing on video and it was so sweet.  Her fiance not only asked my mom for permission, but got her to participate in the entire thing.

I pretended to vlog with my little sister (which we are definitely going to do  in the future) and when we walked into the room, he got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes and then my mom got the gun…well the pellet gun to be precise.  The look on my little sister’s face was priceless. Don’t worry, that was part of the plan and they hugged it out afterwards.


Then came a toast, hugs, kisses, and many, many well wishes. 

Little man took a much-needed rest and missed most of the engagement festivities but got up just in time for the bonfire and fireworks.   

I don’t think that these pictures really depict just how big those marshmallows were; they were easily the size of my palm and OH SO DELISH!

It was a wonderful weekend and I know my father was looking down at those beautiful fireworks and his ever growing family with a huge smile on his face.

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