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I’ve Got A Fever

I’ve got the DIY, redecorating kind of fever.  As of late that is all I can think of. New paint pallets, DIY porch swings, fire pits, renovated attics.  This is getting out of control!

The only cure is to grab a hammer, paint brush, or both and get to work. In the meantime, I just have to share all these little bursts of inspiration that is filling up my Pinterest page.

First, the attic. We have one but is basically for storage. That is until I saw this….

attic - GORGEOUS!

There is just something about this that is so magical. If we converted our attic into a room like this, I don’t think I would ever leave.

As of late, I am all about the clutter free, clean look. Not only do I love the colour and look of this laundry room but am definitely going to copy the sorting area.

I love this! laundry-room-sorting-station

I LOVE THIS!!! This would be perfect for my little JBear’s room. Free up the entire room for a play area and his reading nook/bed area all cozy in the closet. So cute!

Take the door off of a closet, add molding around the doorway, and put in some comfy seating and pillows. A very unique reading nook!  SO COOL!

Photo walls – oh yeah baby! I have a ton of pictures and need to get them up on the walls. I absolutely love the way this looks.

Photo walls

And now for a little DIY magic….turn cheap (but cute) sheets into curtains….WHAT?! Why on earth have I never thought of this?

Wait.. what??? I always see sheets that I wish were curtains because they're cheaper! Hot glue ribbon tabs to turn a bed sheet into a no-sew curtain. Genius!

I definitely need to do this – my key dish just isn’t cutting it.


Frame Key Holder

We all have mirrors like this or you can pick one up at Wal-Mart for $14.00 and turn it into a DIY masterpiece.

Mind. Blown.

I love this! Keep the counter clean and have a place for fruit.

Huh, who would've thought? Hanging planter basket re-purposed as a fruit holder! Frees up valuable counter space. LOVE this idea!

Anyone else have the fever? What are you guys working on?

Family Photos

After the frozen hard drive snafu on our computer and possibly losing two years of family pictures (more on that here) I have calmed down ;-), picked up my camera and got back into the swing of thing.

Part of my mission to beautify our home involves taking more family pictures, framing them and hanging them throughout the house. I had been planning on crafting a DIY piece and hanging it in the stairway but then saw this beauty (also pinned on my Pintrest page) and opted to change my plans. Don’t worry, that DIY piece is too cute not to hang so it will find a home somewhere in the house (hopefully the reveal will be next week).

This is absolutely perfect for our stairway; although I haven’t settled on which wall decal I want to accentuate our photo gallery but this one from Wall Quotes looks cute:

Here are couple of cute ideas (again from Pintrest) I am going to try and incorporate into our family photo wall:

Also, you may remember this little ditty that we plan on hanging in our bathroom:

I haven’t given up on this piece and think that I will try and incorporate Molly’s paws into the picture…that should be interesting. 😉

And last but not least, I found this really cute idea (again on Pintrest) for Jbear’s first day of Preschool. I think it would be pretty cute to do this every year; first day of Kindergarten, first day of Grade 1 and so on all the way to first day of University (sure he may put up a fuss but mark my words, I will get that university pictures)

Anyone embracing their creative photography skills and making family photo walls?

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