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Mint and Marigolds

And the fun just continues. Here are a couple of before pics without the flowers.

We decided to line the path with marigolds and then just sporadically plant various flowers throughout the flowerbed.  Jason got to work at one end while I tried to evenly space out the flowers along the path.

I got a short break when my Vox Box came from Influenster. My fingers were stained black due to the black mulch and dirt but I couldn’t resist opening this baby up and peaking in. Huge review to come on this so stay tuned.

Here are some after pictures. I love the look of having various flowers and colours scattered in no particular order.  Once they fill it I think it will be beautiful.  These pictures were taken three days later, if you look at the grass – you can already see it coming up. Greener lawn here we come!

I also planted a couple in a huge “tea-cup” that sits on our front porch (so cute!). And then I got a bonus plant; my neighbour has a TON of mint growing in her back yard and gave me a couple of plants. Mint leaves in ice water on a scorching hot day will taste heavenly.

We still have more flowers to plant but that is what we have completed so far. What do you guys think? Would you prefer a more uniformed look to your flowerbed or the crazier the better? Let’s discuss over some ice tea with a sprig of mint shall we (seriously I am so stoked about having mint plants!).

Deck the Porch…


Holy Cow! It’s the beginning of November and already Christmas carols are filling my head. I can’t believe that how fast the year went. All my Halloween decorations are safely tucked away until next year and JBear is chomping at the bit to get our Christmas stuff up. Alright, if we must…we must!

This year I am thinking of doing things a little different and changing up the way we decorate. It will be a combination of Christmas/Winter decorations; that way once Christmas has past we still can leave up the majority of our decorations. Smart right? Yeah, I know. 😉

Let’s begin with my plans for the great outdoors.

On either side of the front door, I think the Tipsy Top Christmas Planter would look really cute. I am going to make another Tipsy Top Christmas Present Planter similar to the one below.

However, I it looked a little bare so I’m going to add some spruce branches at the bottom and lights. I am also thinking of using a larger ribbon around the pot and bigger bows to really accentuate it.

This year I really want to embrace the magic of Christmas so I am hoping I can make this DIY sign and hang it on the porch railing. It looks easy enough to make and you can add some finishing touches to make it all your own.

Now on to the steps themselves. Since I have a plethora of clay pots in the garage, this is an easy DIY decoration to assemble and will look super cute on the porch steps.

You can also substituted the red Christmas balls with a different type of ornament like red cardinals, snowmen, candy canes, a string of lights, or what about these cute snowflakes found at Target for $3.00.

And for the front door, I am going to try and DIY a Christmas and Winter wreath so I can change it up once Christmas has passed. The possibilities are endless but here are a few that caught my eye:

As I type this post, I am filled with a mixture of excitement and panic….OMG! It is the beginning of November and I already feel like I am running out of time!! Crazy, I know. But ’tis the season. 😉

Any of you hauling out your Christmas/Winter decorations?

Note: All these images can be found on my Pintrest page. Enjoy!!

Is It Too Early For Halloween?

Let me start this post by saying I am a Halloween freak! I love everything about it: the crisp Fall air, the decorations, the haunted houses, and the candy (OF COURSE THE CANDY!)

Which brings me to my question for all of you……when is it too early to start decorating for Halloween?

In my book, the second you think “it is a tad chilly out this morning” is the second you can break out the decorations. The way I see it, I need, at the very least, a month and a half to properly enjoy such decorations and get my money’s worth. So to set them out now just makes financial sense. 😉 Sure, I bought most of them year ago……but still…….I want to make sure I continue to get my money’s worth. 😉

With that in mind, this weekend I am planning on breaking out most, if not all, my Fall/Halloween decorations; and perhaps add something new here and there.

A welcomed addition, would be this Fall/Halloween wreath (from Etsy) is absolutely gorgeous and I think could be made into a DIY project.

And that of course this brings us to porch decorations like fake crows, witches brooms, a bat here and there and pumpkins (we must have pumpkins); the possibilities are endless.

Image taken from Bing

But if you would rather keep it somewhat neutral, why not try something like this (Note: Images below taken from Shelterness)

And I absolutely LOVE this idea, it is subtle but super cute!

If you want nothing to over the top, but just enough to respect the changing of the season why not add some fall coloured pillows to your porch bench/chairs, perhaps drape a fall inspired blanket over the back to keep you nice and cozy while you sip on warm apple cider and watch the leaves turn colours. I am sensing a Halloween porch make-over post coming on….stay tuned!

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