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Following In Daddy’s Footprints

For Father’s Day this year little man and I decided to create a couple of DIY gifts. So what can you create with paint, textured scrapbooking paper and paint sponge brush thingies?


Now add a boot in to mix. Any guesses?


How about adding a little blue paint to the bottom of the boot then stamping it on the scrap paper.

Ahhh now you guys can see where I’m going with this. Next I got little man’s shoe and did the same thing with some red paint and stamped it overtop of his daddy’s footprint.



Now before we get to the finished product, we decided to do a little photo shoot while the paint was drying. I took a ton of pictures but wanted to share some these silly out-takes because DIY projects can’t be all serious. 😉 

We ended up settling on these three beautiful pics below.




Now that the paint has dried and the photo’s have been printed, here are the finished products.


They were so fun to make and a constant reminder of how much my little man loves his daddy. Did anyone else try some DIY crafts for Father’s Day?

Spring Has Sprung


The weather is BEAUTIFUL out and that means trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  My mind is now reeling with all the outdoor beautification that I want to do; this is quite evident if you look at my outdoors page on Pinterest.

I’m thinking lots of beautiful purples to bring out the green siding.  The one picture that I can’t seem to get out of my head is this lavender lined path….isn’t it stunning.



And since I am all about adding beauty at minimal cost, that means a lot of DIY projects – YEAH! This cute bird feeder is a delicate and easy add that I must try.



Along with all this beauty comes a part I absolutely hate: mosquitos – BOOOO!

I don’t know about you guys and gals but those nasty little buggers eat me alive. I swear, it’s like I can almost hear them yell “SWARM!!!!” and next thing I am hauling butt up the steps to seek shelter. 

According to the article below, there are several different kinds of plant that repels mosquitos; lavender being one of them. Yet another good reason to add these beauties to our flower beds.


One last potential DIY project then I’ll stop dreaming about outdoor happenings (for now).


I just love this! It is so romantic looking and I can already picture myself sitting out on the front porch, sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying good conversation with my hunny.

Do you have any outdoor musings that you find yourself day dreaming about as of late?

DIY Orange Candle

As I was perusing through Pintrest, which is a great way to pass the time, I stumbled upon a pin detailing how you make a candle out of an orange. No wax, no wick, no boiling, mixing, pouring, or fancy recipes.

Lucky for me (and all of you) I had some oranges at home so it was game on.

All you need is an orange, knife (to cut the orange), oil (I chose vegetable oil because it is cheap and I didn’t know if this experiment would work), and a lighter or match.

Step 1: Use the knife to cut the orange peel (being very careful not to go to deep and cut the fruit-juicy-yumminess of the orange itself). Remove the peels without tearing them. When you do this, hopefully you will also have a portion to the middle-core-thingy that will act as a wick.

This is harder than it looks. Two oranges and plenty of vitamin c later – I finally managed to get remove the peel without ripping it.


Step: 2: Pour some oil into one of the orange shells (the one that has the longest ‘wick’) and that will be the bottom. As the oil begins to soak into the bottom half you can carve a star or pretty design in the top half of the shell. Be sure to make it large enough so that the heat can escape out the top of the shell. I skipped this part because I ripped the top shell (head hung with shame). 😉

Step 3: Light the ‘wick’. I had to hold the lighter there for several seconds before it lit. Just have patience.

Step 4: If you have a top shell, gently place it on the bottom part. And enjoy. It actually looked quite pretty.

What I noticed after doing this is that it will burn through the bottom of the orange before the flame goes out so be sure to place the orange candle on a glass plate or something similar.

My assistant, JBear, had a ton of questions so will I try this again? Of course. I wonder if we could do the same thing with other citrusy fruits? Only one way to find out.

How about you? Any of you try this before?

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