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Fabulous Fall

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Time flies by and often we take each day for granted. I am doing my best to remind myself that every day and eveyr season is a gift, and that we should really enjoy each to their fullest. 

I will admit, of all the seasons, this is the one I liked the least; the only thing that made it somewhat tolerable was Halloween. Then I found these, and now, it is growing on me. 🙂


These images give me the warm and fuzzies. I forgot how much fun Fall can be.  

Fabulous fall


Love this


fall yummies


Fall drink Mix


fall fashion trends - Google Search


What do I love about Fall? First and foremost I would say Halloween. Next in line would be the apple picking, pumpkin carving, warm apple cider or tall cups of hot chocolate, snuggling on chilly nights, watching the leaves turn from green, to red, to orange, candy apples, and so much more.

TaTa you hot, sticky, sweaty, smelly summer!!! Although i could leave off the halloween line, not that i hate it or anything...just not a huge fan of it, thats all. I like being chilly and having warm coffee and warm sweaters. Bring. On. The. Fall.

So what do you love about Fall?

Spookify Your Home

On a bad note, I am going through some mild computer issues which is prohibiting me from uploading the latest post. On a good note, I found a way around it for right now so hang on to your hats…here comes more fun Halloween ideas your way.

I love Halloween, you know the cute Halloween with witches and goblins…some scary stuff but not too gory. As I perused the internet for ideas I fell upon these cuties from Bing images.  These are all easy to little touches to make this spooky season that much more spppppoookkkky.


Seriously – I need a mantel!

I even stumbled upon this DIY table runner from Living Young Wild & Free; I just love it.

What little touches are you adding to spookify your home?

P.S. – Did you notice the sppppooky update to the blog…did you expect anything less. 😉

Is It Too Early For Halloween?

Let me start this post by saying I am a Halloween freak! I love everything about it: the crisp Fall air, the decorations, the haunted houses, and the candy (OF COURSE THE CANDY!)

Which brings me to my question for all of you……when is it too early to start decorating for Halloween?

In my book, the second you think “it is a tad chilly out this morning” is the second you can break out the decorations. The way I see it, I need, at the very least, a month and a half to properly enjoy such decorations and get my money’s worth. So to set them out now just makes financial sense. 😉 Sure, I bought most of them year ago……but still…….I want to make sure I continue to get my money’s worth. 😉

With that in mind, this weekend I am planning on breaking out most, if not all, my Fall/Halloween decorations; and perhaps add something new here and there.

A welcomed addition, would be this Fall/Halloween wreath (from Etsy) is absolutely gorgeous and I think could be made into a DIY project.

And that of course this brings us to porch decorations like fake crows, witches brooms, a bat here and there and pumpkins (we must have pumpkins); the possibilities are endless.

Image taken from Bing

But if you would rather keep it somewhat neutral, why not try something like this (Note: Images below taken from Shelterness)

And I absolutely LOVE this idea, it is subtle but super cute!

If you want nothing to over the top, but just enough to respect the changing of the season why not add some fall coloured pillows to your porch bench/chairs, perhaps drape a fall inspired blanket over the back to keep you nice and cozy while you sip on warm apple cider and watch the leaves turn colours. I am sensing a Halloween porch make-over post coming on….stay tuned!

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