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Sexy Monday

Sexy Monday #SupaSistaLatina #Latina #SupaDaily Starting the day off with a little laughter - do it big today!

Okay don’t be shocked….but today I am actually feeling pretty awesome. Yep I said it….I feel awesome on a Monday. I don’t question the awesomeness……I just go with it. ūüėČ

So let’s get you feeling awesome too, shall we?



View every day like this...goodbye drama...no longer to waste a moment or breath putting energy into what is inevitably detrimental to everyone involved....go be happy and productive. #LIVE LIFE

Do your thing.

Kristi Bartlett Quote by motherletters, via Flickr

Enjoy the journey

Love this quote!!!!

Be amazing quote via Living Life at www.Facebook.com/KimmberlyFox.39

And if all that didn’t help then….Weekday Cartoon | Free myspace layouts| Free myspace comments | Funny images - Monday ...

Be awesome quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook

Cute? Sexy? Or Scary?

I am¬†counting down the seconds to Halloween; it my favorite holiday.¬†As I mention in every post I write about Halloween, I feel the need to reiterate just how much I love it……LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

This year I am going all out on my costume….seriously when it comes to dressing up I am such a kid at heart.¬† So now I have a big decision to make….cute? Sexy? Scary? Or some sort of combo.

costume makeup. cat from alice in wonderland Court be this for halloween and i will dress up Poot as Alice and Ehtan as the mad hatter!!!


A female friend of mine is going to a party as jigsaw... scarry as fcuk...

Face paint

#Impressive Body Art

Comic Makeup this halloween Want to experiment with this on my daughter Shyanne.

Time For The Holidays: Cool Halloween Makeup



For those of you don’t want to do a full makeup look, here are some¬†super cute options to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Would be cute halloween makeup

¬†Decisions, decisions. While I ponder my options, please comment below or on my¬†Facebook page – let us know what you think I should be this Halloween or better yet, what you’re going to be this year.

Dress For Success

Tank tops are the flip flops of the shirt world....

Do you ever feel like you get in a rut? Yeah we all do now and then. Mine latest rut is with my office wardrobe. I wear the same boring clothes every day. This is a common outfit that is sported around my office…

Basic black women's suit. Jacket and slacks. Jacket and skirt.

To me, this is BORING!!!! I want some colour, some curve, something that is feminine yet says I won’t take crap from anyone.

Dress for Success by justaddglam

So I say, time to start over and make some changes.¬† Reinvent myself and what a better time than now, on the cusp of a new season….Fall.

I just entered to win $5,000 and helped #SmartOnes donate to @Dress for Success! You can too! #inspiringsmartbeginnings

I love this, it is strong, bold and very feminine.

red + leopard


suited style ‚ô•‚ú§ | KeepSmiling | BeStayBeautiful

This is so simple and yet so gorgeous!

Cream Skirt & Top ‚ô•‚ú§


suited style ‚ô•‚ú§ | Keep the Glamour | BeStayBeautiful

Swap these boots for some heals and I could definitely rock this at my office.

Love this look button down under sweater

The problem in some workplaces is that women have a very fine line that they can walk. If you dress frumpy you get over looked, if you dress with a sexier edge there are whispers that you are trying to sleep your way to the top, if you dress modern then you get “this isn’t a runway”, so what is a girl to do?

Basically it comes down to the knowledge that you can’t please everyone. As long as it is work appropriate,¬†follow the basic rule….if you like it, wear it.¬† At the end of the day, you have to wear clothing that makes you feel¬†confident and hold¬†your head high.¬† As my father would always say, if they don’t like it then they should look away. Wise words.¬†

Guys, you have it easy, a nice pair of slacks or dress pants, a crisp dress shirt, a tie or sweater and you’re out the door. Or am I wrong? Do you face the same dilemma as us women?

Now my question is, how to get these outfits without spending my entire paycheck. ; -) Tell me, what is your style? 

This could easily fit into quotes and/or dress for success advice.  www.srg-us.com

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