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One Small Step

Hi All! So I took a leap (with much encouragement from my little sis) and posted a vlog that I made when driving up to Canada.  It’s nothing spectacular but it really helped pass the time while I was driving and was fun to make.   

The truth about shy and introverted people…

So without further delay….let’s get our giggle on and falcon kick the rest of this week.

funny pictures of animals


Hair braids are really hard. I always end up looking like a Danish milkmaid.

"I want to be a Hufflepuff!" said no one ever.


Okay so this sounds crazy but I actually wonder this sometimes; anyone else ponder this from time to time?

Listen to the Radio Lab episode on Color, it will blow your mind.

Fantasy Football

This gets me giggling everytime…

Manda, wake up!

Because obviously it is going to happen to me that very night.

Admit it…

So true, so true...

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Monday Funday

What did I do this weekend? Here is a little preview..

Yup…nothing screams beauty like wearing a fake beard. LOL. Check out my instagram for more race day fun at the Watkins Glenn International…

The fun is just beginning, I get two more days of fishing with my little bro, his wife, my hubby, and of course little man. I’ll be sure to take a ton of pics and share with you guys but for now lets kick this Monday Funday off with some positive motivation and kick some ass this week.

Pretty sure I did today by signing the contract on the house!

so true.

remembering there is someone out there that are in a worse situation than you. You're blessed.

Monday Motivation � Quotes

Worrying ...

This quote is so true.  Don’t look at today as just another day, you never know where it may take you and what changes may happen that will affect your life forever. So stay positive, stay motivated, and make your dreams happen.

today is full of possibility 25 Motivational Quotes For You

HAPPY MONDAY ALL!!!! Love yourselves, embrace what makes you different and don’t let anyone make you want to hide who you are.  Remember, today is truly a gift. Stay positive my friends and have a great one!

The Real Me

I thought I would do a quick post on some instagram pics I’ve been snapping as of late. Ever since little man and I went for that bike/jog the other night, I feel like I’m hooked. I feel so much better when I get outside and just do some sort of exercise.

Basically, he rides his bike and I run around him….litterally. I run behind him, to the side of him, in front of him backwards so I can see him giggle.

Last night we turned it up a notch with both of us “singing” Trouble by Taylor Swift as we jog around the block….you just can’t beat it.

When we got home, we sat on the front porch, sipped some cold water and snapped a pic or two. This first one really represents the true me. I am a goof ball and most of my pictures are taken with some sort of crazy funny face.  I’ll do anything to make my family laugh. 🙂

Then, we took a “nice” picture. That was until little man stuck his tongue out at the last-minute.  He’s a clown like his mama! 😉


And I can never pass up the opportunity to take a picture of my pretty flowers. I think they love all this rain we’re having. Believe it or not, these are the geraniums I kept in the house over the winter.

The cascading petunias in my tipsy top planter are beyond beautiful. I don’t think this picture does them justice.

 So what have you guys been up to? 

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