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Thirsty Thursday

As I walked upstairs this morning I heard a clicking sound. Hmm, was this the elusive Click Beetle? Well, it is getting warmer out…..I stopped to listen where the sound was coming from, then walked up two steps….CLICK! CLICK!…I stopped again, my head turning back and forth listening for the sound. Then another step…CLICK!…it was then that I realized “OH MY GOD THAT’S MY KNEE!!!”

Step one in this situation…do not panic. Easier said then done at 5:30 in the morning.

Clearly I am overweight. Not by much (or so I tell myself), but my knee is definitely telling me something different. Which brings me to step two, get your shizznizzel together!!!

Besides eating right and exercising, you also have to be conscious of what you are or are not drinking, hence Thirsty Thursdays.

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I definitely need to increase my water intake but getting started isn’t as easy as it sounds. So why not jazz up your water and make flushing those toxins a treat rather than a chore.

I love putting cucumbers in my water. I know, sounds crazy. Trust me, it tastes so refreshing.

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I also read, that if you add lemon and mint to this delightful combo it is also a detox. Heck yeah…let’s give that a whirl!

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If this combo isn’t your cup of water (hehehe) then try something else. The variations are endless, nutritious, and oh-so-delicious!

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Want to use up a bunch of fruit before they go bad? Try freezing them in your ice cubes and add them to your water whenever the mood strikes you.

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So what are your thoughts on this? Have you ever tried adding fruit to your water? What’s your favorite combo? What will you try next?

Remember – you’ll never know if you like it until you try it…or as I tell my little guy, this just might be your favorite thing. 😉

Peanut Butter Boats

This post is a quickie but goodie….I have found that if you give healthy snacks a fun little title, kids are more likely to eat them.

My little man is was not a fan of celery. He would say that those stringy things were celery hair and we do not eat hair! 

One day he was begging for a snack. Jake and the Neverland Pirates were on Disney Jr. and inspiration struck. I had just the thing that would be perfect for this occasion….Peanut Butter Pirate Ships.

Since we only had crunchy peanut butter, I told him that the crunchy nuts was hidden pirates treasure.


He was sold instantly! He grabbed that piece of celery and began chomping away.


Things got a little messy so I decided to modify the pirate ship into tiny little pirate boats. These bite sized goodies didn’t last long and have become a go-to snack that is often requested by my little man.


Between you and I – they are super tasty and great snacks for adults too. 😉 Happy munching!

Healthy Snack Machine

Earlier this week, a co-worker brought in an old Jelly Bean machine and asked if it would be something I would use. Since, we have been trying to wean ourselves off of the junk food and onto more healthy snacks my first instinct was to say no thank you…..BE GONE TEMPTATION!!! And then I was struck with a stroke of inspiration.

Now I must say that we are pretty lucky that our little JBear absolutely loves apples, bananas, etc. but occasionally he does like a to munch on chips and other non-fruit related items (as do we all). So rather than deprive him completely of differently types of snacks, I thought why not transform this Jelly Bean Machine into a Healthy Snack Machine.

First I dismantled it and gave each piece a good scrub down in scalding water. Then I laid it out to dry overnight.

Putting it back together wasn’t as easy as taking it apart but I finally figured it. 😉 Last step, adding the healthy snack…peanuts. I bought honey coated peanuts to give it that sweet snacky feel. It now sits perched up on the counter where JBear can easily reach it.

I was contemplating spray painting it a different colour but since this will be holding food, I wasn’t quite sure how safe that would be.

What do you think? Any healthy snack ideas you want to share?

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