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Budget: Friend or Foe?

I like to think that I am pretty smart with money. I pay all my bills on time, I get a little crazy if our “cushion” falls below what I think it should be and if at all possible, and like everyone else, I try and save a little for the future.

Sure this sounds all well and good on paper but there are a couple of slight negatives. First, I stalk our bank account. I like to account for every penny that comes in and leaves that account. I know, that can’t be healthy….but the first step is admitting you have a problem. 😉

You can also tell my mood by the balance in the account…..Pay day = HAPPY!!!! Paying bills (money go bye bye) = Sad!

Last but not least, I always get buyer’s remorse when it comes to spending money on makeup, clothes, etc. Now some may think a good way around this would be not to buy make-up, but let’s not get all crazy!! 😉

So, this new chapter in our lives = new attitude = new way of looking at things. And that means getting a budget (ON PAPER) so that we can track our finances, put aside money for planned and unplanned expenses, AND give ourselves a little allowance (if you will) so that we can buy what we want without adding guilt to the price tag.

Step one, get a budget sheet. Done and done! I found the worksheet below in excel and it looks like it may work for us.

Step two – plug in your finances and off you go.

What budget tricks do you have so that you keep more in your account while also allowing you to enjoy your hard earned money?

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