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Dress For Success

Tank tops are the flip flops of the shirt world....

Do you ever feel like you get in a rut? Yeah we all do now and then. Mine latest rut is with my office wardrobe. I wear the same boring clothes every day. This is a common outfit that is sported around my office…

Basic black women's suit. Jacket and slacks. Jacket and skirt.

To me, this is BORING!!!! I want some colour, some curve, something that is feminine yet says I won’t take crap from anyone.

Dress for Success by justaddglam

So I say, time to start over and make some changes.  Reinvent myself and what a better time than now, on the cusp of a new season….Fall.

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I love this, it is strong, bold and very feminine.

red + leopard


suited style ♥✤ | KeepSmiling | BeStayBeautiful

This is so simple and yet so gorgeous!

Cream Skirt & Top ♥✤


suited style ♥✤ | Keep the Glamour | BeStayBeautiful

Swap these boots for some heals and I could definitely rock this at my office.

Love this look button down under sweater

The problem in some workplaces is that women have a very fine line that they can walk. If you dress frumpy you get over looked, if you dress with a sexier edge there are whispers that you are trying to sleep your way to the top, if you dress modern then you get “this isn’t a runway”, so what is a girl to do?

Basically it comes down to the knowledge that you can’t please everyone. As long as it is work appropriate, follow the basic rule….if you like it, wear it.  At the end of the day, you have to wear clothing that makes you feel confident and hold your head high.  As my father would always say, if they don’t like it then they should look away. Wise words. 

Guys, you have it easy, a nice pair of slacks or dress pants, a crisp dress shirt, a tie or sweater and you’re out the door. Or am I wrong? Do you face the same dilemma as us women?

Now my question is, how to get these outfits without spending my entire paycheck. ; -) Tell me, what is your style? 

This could easily fit into quotes and/or dress for success advice.  www.srg-us.com

Weird Scents Tag

Tag! I’m it….Anouchka from Life of Bun created and tagged me in her post on weird scents.  Rather than giggling and running away which is what you do in a game of tag, I decided to stay and play along. 😉

Basically this tag is all about the weird scents that others might scrunch their nose at but you just can’t get enough of. First. I am going to have to steal one of Anouchka’s…



Like her, I love the combo tools, gasoline, and all that. It reminds me of my dad and all those times I would sit there and sort his tools as we talked or sang various italian songs together.


Okay maybe I stole two of Anouchka’s smells 😉 but who doesn’t love the rain??? I also love the smell/feeling you have right before it rains.

Interesting side note about me, I absolutely LOVE it when it gets super dark out, you see the crash of lightning off in the distance and hear the rumble of thunder roll across the sky as the storm gets near you. And yet I HATE sun showers. Don’t know why but I can’t stand sun showers. Wonder what that says about my personality? Yeah, let’s not analyse that one. 😉


The smell of freshly cut hay – this one is again linked to when I was a kid and I can’t help but smile when I pass by a field of freshly cut hay.


And I don’t mean the fruity lipstick smell (although I love those too) I mean that distinct smell that listick has. I can’t describe it but there is just something about it that I love. While we are on the topic of makeup I feel obligated to also say I love the smell of nail polish.

Nail Polish

Everytime I do my nails, my hubby scrunches his nose and tends to relocate to a different room. Not I, I breath in that smell of beautification. 😉 

Okay, all those are pretty tame so let’s finish this off with a truly wierd one….hmmm….



More specifically, I love the smell of hot asphalt as they lay it down on the road. I have no clue why I like that smell, most people are grossed out by it.

Now it is my turn to tag some folks and see what smells turn their heads.

Now at home Mom

Cowboys and Crossbones


Wear Your Vitamins

Living Young Wild & Free

TAG!!! You’re it!

CoverGirl Quad Review

The CoverGirl Drama Eyes quad is dramatic for sure but don’t be intimidated. The quad is a combination of a shimmery white, silver, soft black, and shimmery burgundy.


The colours look so dark, I was a little worried I would end up with racoon eyes but after swatching you can see that they aren’t that pigmented at all.


These colours combine to make a beautiful smokey eye. I paired them with Wet n’ Wild Black liquid eyeliner, Sumptuous Extreme Black mascara from Estee Lauder, and fake lashes (they were fun!).



And then of course, I decided to play with the camera a little and create more dramatic shots.





I think this is a great quad and you can definitely go a lot darker with the colours if you wanted. Pair this with nude lip and you’ll definitely be turning heads.

What do you think? Is this a look you would try? What would you do different?

Stay tuned for Tone It Up Tuesdays and our first roll call to see how everyone is doing. 😀

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