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Motivated Giggles

I am in need of a double whammy today….motivation AND giggles.


This is totally how I feel sometimes:

Wreck the Tree and Blame the Doggies

Image Search Results for quotes about family I WAD BORN TO STAND OUT FROME EAVER BADY ELAS THATS KIND GRIL I AM

The next two go so well together……LOL it’s perfect!!!

Words of wisdom!


I found this a little too funny

YES!!! This is how we should name things….


Winter clothes…..CURSE YOU!!!!!!! LOL!

Wearing Winter Clothes

My heart just melted.  I love that I have friends who care enough to send this to me.  Thank you, Leslie!  You're the best!  <3

I’m Thankful For You

Oh well, it is almost Thanksgiving for some but it is Hump Day for all….so let’s celebrate and be thankful that this week is half over!


What what!  #wednesdays  #camel #funny

Waking up from anesthesia...


funny pictures

I am so thankful for wonderful readers like you. Have a great week.


I wish this was not so true!!!!

Warning….today I am feeling VERY, VERY silly which will be reflected in my Hump Day giggles.


This lady has squeezed her way into being one of my top favorite actresses. Everything that comes out of her mouth is golden.

You were warned. 😉

Hey Simba!

Hahaha! That'd be the best thing ever!


titty twister...



This made me laugh more than it should have…

So who's the real winner here? Ehhh hahaha

I can't even stop laughing at this.

Happy Hump Day! I will leave you all with this closing thought….

Women don't fart…

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