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You Eyeballing Me?!

Let’s keep the Halloween decorating ideas going, shall we?

Last night, as I was washing dishes, I noticed a mason jar on the counter….now you know me an mason jars, those babies have endless possibilities.  You could do the cutesy cut out of a spider or bat on the front and put a tea candle in side, top it off with some black, orange or purple ribbon and voila….a cute candle holder for Halloween. But why not up the ante, and spook things up a little?

Now, I just happen to have some candles lying around that are a little more….Halloween-ish. Coincidence? I think not!

We got these beauties a while back and I have tried everything from laying them on the table, to putting them in wine glasses and so on. Although all those ideas were sort of cute (in a Halloween garish kinda way), it always felt like these babies were waiting for something more…something extravegantly haunting. 

This year, inspiration struck when I least expected it to, so I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures as if I were possessed.

Okay, so perhaps I am getting a little carried away with the Halloween spirit….just bear with me until October 31st, and I promise I will move on. 😉


Where was I….oh yeah…into the jar they went.

Why didn’t I think of this before? After all, in every spooky movie you see witches reach up onto their shelf and take out a jar of eyeballs or fingers then toss them into their boiling cauldron….it is only logical that these belong in a jar of some sort. 😉

And yet it still seems like something is missing. 

So I stared at the jar (and it just stared back….sorry- couldn’t resist), thinking of what I could add to give it that perfect finishing touch. I thought about adding spider webs, or moss, or water, but it just didn’t feel right. 

Then I had an AH HA! moment. Wouldn’t it look awesome to add oil to the jar and perhaps a handful of spiders to float around, giving it that little extra touch. Perhaps a spooky lable that says “EYEBALLS” tied to a black ribbon wrapped around the lid of the jar.

What do you think? What would you add to the jar to finish off the Halloween look? Or would you do something different all together?

Spookify Your Home

On a bad note, I am going through some mild computer issues which is prohibiting me from uploading the latest post. On a good note, I found a way around it for right now so hang on to your hats…here comes more fun Halloween ideas your way.

I love Halloween, you know the cute Halloween with witches and goblins…some scary stuff but not too gory. As I perused the internet for ideas I fell upon these cuties from Bing images.  These are all easy to little touches to make this spooky season that much more spppppoookkkky.


Seriously – I need a mantel!

I even stumbled upon this DIY table runner from Living Young Wild & Free; I just love it.

What little touches are you adding to spookify your home?

P.S. – Did you notice the sppppooky update to the blog…did you expect anything less. 😉

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