Meet the Family

Where to start – here is a quick synopsis of our life thus far:

Gabriella and Jason

  • Met
  • Fell in love, moved to Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Bought our first home and moved to a small town near the Finger Lakes in N.Y.. Enter the market crash, Jason’s new job with a construction company and a move to Leesburg, VA. What happened to the home? Well, it was an apartment house so we rented it out, packed up and headed south.
  • Three years later moved back to N.Y. (one of the apartments were empty so the timing was perfect). Same job for Jason, new job for me, same house, but a new addition to our family: enter Molly (aka Momo, aka Mowsa-May)


  • Two years later moved down to Augusta, GA. Same job for Jason, new job for me, new addition to the family: enter our little Jason (aka JBear, aka JJ, aka Wolverine and any other superhero he can think of at that moment in time)


  • Two years later moved back to N.Y. for literally a couple of months then moved to Greenville, SC
  • A year later, re-evaluated our lives, time for a change, time to be with family and friends so we are now back in our first home in the quiet little town near the Finger Lakes.

As I stated, our home was initially an apartment house. We have done A LOT of work on it; remodeling each apartment numerous times, painting, etc., etc.

Now, we have decided to return this old apartment house back into a single family home; using a little imagination and a lot of hard work – of course.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  Let the fun begin!

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