Calling all Superheros

This page is dedicated to the mask wearing, cape flying, spider webbing, hulk smashing, adventures of our little JBear.

It first began with Superman. He of course didn’t know the difference at this age but he looked so cute we couldn’t help but parade him around as a mini Clark Kent.  This perhaps set the stage for the whole superhero obsession.


Next came Spiderman – this he chose all on his own.  Halloween 2011, JBear begged and pleaded to be Spiderman.  He practiced the Spiderman stance, the web hand, the look of a superhero as he surveyed the city, and of course superhero fighting moves.


Then came the epic battle between Superman (or as he and his uncle Mike pronounce it ZZZZUUUUUPERMAN!!!!!!) and Spiderman.

Then the truce, then the eventual fascination with Zuperman’s cape and how it looks when you run up and down the long hallway at Mama’s house.


This brought on the creation of his own DIY version of the Superman cape and his added touch of yellow dish gloves.


Although Zuperman was never really phased out, he has moved on to Batman.  As the Dark Knight, he surveys his kingdom from the arm of the couch and has epic battles with his dad (aka Penguin Style).



Meet the new and improved batman….more fierce than ever. Joker better watch out!


Introducing Thor!!! We have yet to master the cape (I’m sensing another DIY project), in the meantime, this impromptu version is striking fear in the heart of Loki….where ever he may be. I have attempted to lift Thor’s hammer but my hopes were quickly dashed and I was informed that I was not worthy (or as JBear pronounced it “Worly”). Better luck next time. 🙂



Here is the new and improved Thor Hammer…a huge success if I may say so myself. Read all about how we made it and his reaction here.




There is something amis in the Superhero Hangout……perhaps a villain or two is in our midst.





The Riddler

Stay tuned for more of JBear’s superhero adventures as Wolverine, Cyclops, Captain A. Merica (as JBear pronounces it), and The Hulk!

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