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The Real Me

I thought I would do a quick post on some instagram pics I’ve been snapping as of late. Ever since little man and I went for that bike/jog the other night, I feel like I’m hooked. I feel so much better when I get outside and just do some sort of exercise.

Basically, he rides his bike and I run around him….litterally. I run behind him, to the side of him, in front of him backwards so I can see him giggle.

Last night we turned it up a notch with both of us “singing” Trouble by Taylor Swift as we jog around the block….you just can’t beat it.

When we got home, we sat on the front porch, sipped some cold water and snapped a pic or two. This first one really represents the true me. I am a goof ball and most of my pictures are taken with some sort of crazy funny face.  I’ll do anything to make my family laugh. 🙂

Then, we took a “nice” picture. That was until little man stuck his tongue out at the last-minute.  He’s a clown like his mama! 😉


And I can never pass up the opportunity to take a picture of my pretty flowers. I think they love all this rain we’re having. Believe it or not, these are the geraniums I kept in the house over the winter.

The cascading petunias in my tipsy top planter are beyond beautiful. I don’t think this picture does them justice.

 So what have you guys been up to? 


Easter Egg Learning Game

Do you remember this from yesterdays post….

Pinned Image


Well it was so cute I just had to try it out and report back to you guys. Thank goodness I saved/horded all those plastic easter eggs from previous years. 😉


The important part was to separate them and mis-match them up. This way kids will have to concentrate and match the correct corresponding letters or numbers rather than the colour.


As I dumped them out on the carpet, it immediately caught his attention. He bounced on over and helped me pop the eggs apart. Since we were just starting this game we made two piles: one for the “dots” and the other for the numbers. Then he went through and counted the dots and tried to match it up to the corresponding number.

I was amazed at how great this worked. Round one….SUCCESS!

The fun doesn’t stop here. 😉 We then popped them all apart again (I think this was is favorite part) and began to match the lower case letter with the upper case letters.




There are a ton of different combos you can do based on what level your child is at. There is even a version where kids can match up eggs to make words. Is it sad that I get excited about this stuff? Naaa didn’t think so. 😉

Pinned Image


If learning with Easter eggs isn’t your cup of tea don’t fret, I will be posting again this afternoon so stay tuned. 😀

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