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Wet Dog In Da Hizzle!

Last night I had grand plans of cleaning, decorating, crafting….and then Molly (aka Mo Mo, aka Mowsa May) walked by. All those plans were put on hold because our little Mo Mo needed a bath STAT!

Usually, in the summertime, Molly gets a buzz cut which is easy enough to do. But here in New York, the nights (and days for that matter) are getting awfully chilly so Mo Mo would prefer to keep her heavy coat on.

She did however get a slight trim to even out her coat and cut back the fur around her toes, which drives her nuts. I first tried to do this by adding on the longest blade to the dog clippers but that didn’t look like it was trimming anything so off it came and I did my best to hover close enough to her fur that the clippers would trim it without buzzing it too close. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that there are some spots that I accidently buzzed…but don’t tell Mo Mo, I don’t think she even noticed.

Next it was into the shower. The steady stream of warm water looked as if it soothed her aching bones and you could tell she enjoyed it on a cold Fall night.

For us, I found that the shower works best. After she is dripping wet, the instinct to shake her soaking fur over powers my shouts “NO MO MO!! NO!!”. When we wash her in the shower and I see her tell-tale twitch, I quickly back away and close the door; she can shake to her heart’s content without getting water all over the bathroom (at least most of the time). 🙂

After she was squeaky clean, she stepped out of the shower and into several towels. The drying process for her is a long one, so I kept rubbing her down with the towels until her fur was damp. She looked so cute I had to snap some pictures.

However, feeling reinvigorated, she bolted out the bathroom door and rubbed her face into the carpet. Legs sprawled out behind her, she was definitely content.

After a couple of bounds around the room, she laid down near JBear and quickly fell asleep.

Unfortunately for me, her baths are usually followed up with a good scrub down of the shower (Scrubbing Bubbles are AWESOME!), all the wet towels go immediately into the wash machine, the carpet gets vacuumed and then a quick wash. Then as I sit on the couch and begin to put my feet up, I realize it is time to get my little monster (JBear) into the tub for his bath and we start all over again.

Any of you have little tricks when washing your furry pets?

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