DIY Monster Spray

It is appropriate to begin this post with a funny quote I used in yesterday’s post….


We all get that feeling once in a while. For me it never fails, as I am climbing up the basement steps the hair on the back of my neck stands straight up and the thought that there is someone or something standing behind me, makes me speed sprint the heck out of there.

Perhaps my son inherited my vivid imagination or perhaps it is my speed walking through darkened rooms that has led to his fear of “monsters” lurking in the dark….but let’s not point fingers or play the blame game. 😉

Here is our mission: scare those monsters away. How? Why Monster Spray of course!! I got the idea from Sherry at YHL (she is one creative cookie) – she is working on transforming their spare room into their little one’s big girl room. Any who, one comment led to another and she suggested I try some ‘Monster Spray’. So here it goes…..

First thing I did was look for some images (on bing) of cute and non-threatening monsters.


Next I took two clean spray bottles, one large and one smaller bottle, and rinsed them out throughly. The larger spray bottle is to spray the entire room. The smaller one is just the right size so he can keep it tucked under his pillow (perfect for those middle of the night emergencies).


Here comes the fun part – decorate the bottles. spray


I cut out green paper to go over the Mr. Clean labels (front and back) and then added the wording and pictures. Secure pictures to the bottle so there is no denying that this is legit monster spray. To make sure there wouldn’t be any tearing or pealing, I used laminate paper to fasten the labels onto the bottles.






And I did the same with the smaller bottle.





Next fill the bottle with water, being careful not to get it on the label. I added just a touch of scented oil so that JBear could smell the difference when he sprayed the bottle. And since it is just water, I didn’t worry about staining the carpet or bedding, so he can spray to his heart’s content.

You can also add a little rhyme, I did a different take on “Rain, rain go away”:


It isn’t anything fancy, but it has a catchy ring to it and is easy to remember, so it will do the trick.

One final touch was to create a cute little sign for his door. This was super easy. I printed off a cute image of monsters (that didn’t look scary at all) with the caption ‘No Monsters Allowed!’ There isn’t any glass in the frame so I am not worried about it breaking. Add a cute ribbon to the back and this baby can hang on his door knob.



Last but not least, let your little one be in control. Give them the spray bottle and let them walk around the room spraying it wherever they think a monster may be hiding.

Here are some finished photos:


Of course, I put all my crafty stuff away and then told him that it just came in the mail.

So how did this work? Well, first thing he did was hung that sign on the door; second thing, spray everything he around him (even himself).  Since it was just water, I didn’t say a word and just let him do his thing.  When it was time for bed, he said “That stuff really works!”

Mission accomplished. 🙂

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